Our product AMI 4 Retail allows you leverage your existing data. Point of Sale (POS) systems collect large amounts of data but can you access it? Using AMI you can add powerful yet easy to use Data Analytics to your existing Point of Sale (POS) system giving you Dashboards, Reporting and Alerts.

AMI is designed especially with Retail data in mind so there is no long and potentially costly setup and configuration required. Once your POS is connected you can start to see the benefits of AMI straight away.

View and Compare Sales

Use the sales dashboard to view and compare sales, drilldown as needed and save results as an excel sheet or print directly.

Compare to Budget

You can load budgets and compare sales to budget. The simple traffic light system, Red, Amber and Green shows how areas of the business are performing.


Create reports on demand or setup scheduled report sets to be automatically emailed to a distribution list.

These are only some of the Features available as standard with AMI 4 RETAIL , you can also see Stock Holding, Loyalty Scheme Performance, Analyse Refunds, Exchanges and view Web Sales and Click & Collect.

Automated Alerts may also be configured and sent by SMS or Email where trading is outside your KPI’s, examples include Margin outside expected range, Value or number of refunds or Sales Value increase/decrease.

AMIPAD – AMI Pick and Dispatch.

Pick and Ship orders Quickly, Efficiently and Accurately

AMIPAD short for “AMI Pick And Dispatch” is an order management system which has been specifically designed to make the job of filling your online orders more efficient.

AMIPAD allows you to Pick using a handheld device and presents items to be picked in a sequence ensuring the most appropriate route through your warehouse or shop. You can even pick multiple orders at the same time.

Once picked full packing, labelling and dispatch is provided with integration to major shippers plus the ability support your own labelling. The system will even suggest appropriate methods of shipment based on destination.

AMIPAD is scalable allowing you to add mobile units and packing stations as needed.

Data is taken directly from your website or POS System, no re-entry of information is required. 

You can find more information about AMI4Retail and AMIPAD on the dedicated AMI site.