If you have been in the retail business for long you will have encountered at least one "if only" situation;

"if only" information from POS could post to Financials it would save time and be more accurate.
"if only" I could get the information from serveral reports pulled together or summarised.

It may be possible to give you exactly what you want by developing a software module that will allow you to bridge two or more systems or combine information from different sources for reporting. It never hurts to ask.
Our staff have extensive experience of developing linkages between different software systems. While independently all your systems may be working extremely well, do they communicate or do you spend valuable time re-entering data or summarising information in spreadsheets. Individual suppliers may not wish to become engaged in making their system "speak with" another. We can provide software to act as a bridge between both.

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Our product AMI (Alert Me If) works with virtually any EPOS product and extends the functionality of your current system to offer Alerts by SMS or email based on your own KPI's plus Big Data features such as Dashboards and reports without the big price tag.

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