MCBE founder Dermot McCarthy has a long association with the Retail Sector, starting the Electronic Point of Sale company Retail Integration Ltd in 1996 he was instrumental in it becoming one of the largest suppliers of EPOS solutions to the "Speciality Retail" sector in Ireland. The company also expanded into overseas markets in the UK and Australia.

Deciding to take on the challenge of starting a new venture Dermot sold his stake to the management team and has established MCBE to provide consulting services to the Retail Sector. Based on the same principles of customer service which made Retail Integration a success MCBE will provide.
  • Evaluation of existing IT systems.
  • Assistance with defining requirements when considering new systems.
  • Evaluation of Tenders
We will also provide specialised software development for
  • Integration of diverse systems
  • Specialised reporting
  • Bespoke projects
We are not agents or representatives for any specific IT product of solution and can provide genuine independent advice.

We will always communicate with you in a language you can understand, no Jargon!.

mcbe consulting
Software Development
Systems Integration
Data mining and reporting

mcbe consulting ltd

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale)
Systems Review
Tender Preparation

Registered in Ireland, Company No. 582582